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Play like a pro - Get paid like a pro

Paid per kill / Play to Earn NFT's /
World Premiere Impulse Launch
The wait is over! We are bringing Impulse to the world. Download today and you will be able to press play and join players from around the globe to play in a first of its kind, adrenaline filled play to earn game, where you will be the first players ever to get paid per kill. If you aren’t quite ready to play in the Paid per kill arenas join our free mode and earn NFT’s and our common currency of which you can spend in our store to purchase NFTS and make your character unique. See you there!


To whomever it may concern

You are invited to join an elite group of select individuals. Living quarters will be provided as will a more than fair sum dependent on your participation.

Those who choose to enlist will ascend to ‘The Sanctuary’ but heed this warning, once permission to begin the ascension is given, you cannot reverse the process and return to your current vessel.

Cross over at your own risk as the ascension is your future. Your past will be forfeit, and you will join many who have sacrificed the same to become something greater.

Click here to enlist.

Thank you, Ascendance Corporation


Early access and unique game launch items


Get paid like a pro

Welcome to Ascendance Games where you have the chance to be the Pro Gamer.

This is where everyone from the new players, the pros, and all of the unsung heroes of the world can make their mark in our game permanently. You can enjoy a gaming experience that has never existed before!

Play for free and collect rare items and DNA, or amp it up a bit and play in our Credit Arena esport where every kill is worth money.

Play by yourself or team up with your friends in this first of its kind Play to Earn Shooter where we bring esports to everyone!

Get early access to Impulse by purchasing a founder’s pack and be the first to play the only fps game where you get paid to kill!


Upon your ascension to The Sanctuary, your consciousness will be placed into a basic synthetic vessel. In your fight with the other ascended champions, you will earn and collect the means to shape your character into any form that you desire.

Synthetic DNA can be captured and assimilated from different lifeforms that have ascended from across the multiverse. This allows you to create a truly unique creature that could have a combination of Cartoon, Alien, Human, Monster or whatever creature you harvest synthetic DNA from.


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The residents of the sanctuary collect rare and coveted items from across various realms of the multiverse.

The Ascended can utilize these items to trade, sell, embellish their vessels or possibly one day to build their own residence in the Sanctuary.

You will see inhabitants adorn themselves with oddities from the varied realms, including some pieces that are said to exist in folklore only.

DNA / Morph

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The Ascended all have the unique ability to absorb DNA from other beings and creatures in the realms.

When a synth absorbs DNA, it allows the manipulation of individual body parts. Everything from customizing your facial structure to your body mass is possible and more.

As you play and collect DNA, you can earn the ability to unlock extremely rare genetic Morphs.

This will allow you to start mutating your synthetic vessel to emulate the look of any lifeform across the multiverse that suits your desires.

Ascendance Credits

An Ascendance Credit is the equivalent of 1 USD.

The Credit Arena system works by allowing players to gain or lose Ascendence Credits (also known as AC) for Kills and Deaths in-game.

For example, if a player joins the Gold Arena, they will earn 1 AC for each player killed during their game, but they will also lose 1 AC for every death as well.

The only way to obtain AC to play in these game modes is to purchase it from our store and then earn it by eliminating other players.

After you have gotten plenty of kills and have finished playing, you can then Cash Out your AC, sit back, and wait for your payout from Ascendence Games.

If you like, you can also play in this system for free, and earn DNA and Common Credits of which you can purchase in-game items with.

Powered by Enjin

All of the items and characters we have been talking about have the unique aspect of being able to be truly owned by the Ascended.

Enjin is providing the technology to give our players real ownership of their assets by integrating with every item that a player has in their inventory.

You can Earn them, trade them, or sell them on a truly global marketplace.